DC in a Day

I have finished the Professional Photography Program at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts and it is time for me to move back to Arizona. Now, in order to do this, I have to drive from Boston to Tucson. I love road trips and visiting new places so I have been looking forward to this trip. Also, my cousin Jessica has flown to Boston to drive back with me. Not only will she keep me company and help me drive, she is also an excellent model to have with me at all times.

This journey of ours began on Thursday. After packing and loading my car, which I can tell you was no picnic, we headed from Boston to Baltimore. We spent the whole next day in DC and we definitely packed a lot into that day. We went to the Capital, the botanical gardens, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Memorial, and the White House. After such a grueling day, we also killed a few hours before our train back to Baltimore at an amazing Irish Pub called Fado.

Washington Monumnent Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial DC, Botanical Gardens, and Smithsonian DC, Capital and Botanical Gardens

Cracker Jack

One of this weeks tasks was to shoot a bag of chips. I decided to go with a Cracker Jack bag. The problem with shooting these reflective bags is that light is reflected somewhere on the bag, no matter where it is placed. One technique to avoid this is to shoot the bag several times, moving the light from one side to the other. You then take those photos and blend them together in Photoshop while masking away any of the light reflections. With the camera on a tripod and the light at a relatively consistent distance from the product, the post on this was no hassle. 


I always feel like I could use more practice, especially in the studio. I have only learned studio shooting in the last couple of months and am always looking for any chance to practice. Liz, another photographer in my class, feels the same way. We stayed after school one day and shot makeup. I was going for vibrant eyeshadow colors with my focus being on the texture.

Reflective Studio Shoot

After texture, we were asked to shoot an abject that was reflective. For this, I brought in some jewelry and set up my set in the studio. The base is a brown tile. For lighting, there is only a single soft box light and scrim behind and above the set. Also a fill card was used to reflect light back into the front of the set. Here are the shots from that exercise.