Cousins in a Field

As I have been staying in Yuma, AZ for the holidays, I decided to take my cousins Cassie and Jessica and do an impromptu photo shoot. We live way out in the country surrounded by lettuce fields so I had them trekking through the mud and lettuce, but I got some amazing photographs. My beautiful cousins were great models and the whole shoot was a lot of fun. These photos are lightly edited, but I love the natural, bright look.

Dress in a field Hat and dress in lettuce field Walking the lettuce rows Photo shoot in lettuce field Sunlight behind Cassie Sisters Jessica as model Jessica walks Canal Walking Sun dress and hat in field

Christmas Cookies and Boston Pops

Last week, my fellow photographer friends and I  got together with our graphic designer friends to decorate some Christmas cookies. Decorating the cookies was a lot of fun, even though Jay only made inappropriate ones. Somehow, one cookie ended up having a whole orange on top. It was very relaxing and a great time spent with the friends I have made here. Later that day, we all went to Liz’s home for dinner before heading out to see the Boston Pops Christmas show at Symphony Hall. The venue was beautiful and the show was amazing. The orchestra played Christmas classics with a few new twists.

Decorating Christmas Cookies Relax at Christmas Cookies and Decorators Christmas Dinner Christmas dinner Dinner and Drinks with Friends

A Photographer for Photographers

Last weekend was a busy shooting weekend. After photographing Tristan at the Frog Pond and Jane in the snow, I was asked by two fellow classmates and friends to photograph an engagement shoot they were doing. They needed stills and video for a promotional video they are making for their upcoming studio and business. We all headed to a park in Concord, MA and the photographers got to work.

Photographers in ConcordJay Lublang and Tiffany Williams ShootingStudio 32 Photographers


A few weeks ago, we were asked to shoot several models in the studio. We had to make several key decisions from the lighting and sets, to their hair and wardrobe. I shot everything from simple portraits to high-fashion. We were also asked to shoot a model and incorporate motion. For this, I styled my model and then used a scarf to incorporate the motion.

Model in skirtModel and MotionModel in skirtModel in sundress and hatModel dipticModels

Sweethearts: Will + Amy

Another ‘couples shoot’ we did for class was at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, MA. The venue was an absolutely beautiful location to shoot at, although the grounds were wet from recent rain. This couple I shot did not mind the damp grounds so I shot them entirely outside. They were so quirky and fun. I had such a good time photographing them.

Sweethearts: Nate + Jen

As part of our weddings module at school, we had to practice “engagement” shoots. A very nice couple was brought in for us to photograph. As a class, we walked around Waltham, MA and shot the couple in several different environments. We were able to practice not only posing and directing clients, but the technical side as well. I love the shots that I got, but I think that is mostly because the couple was so cute together.          

Architecture Interiors

A few weeks ago in photography class, we learned to shoot architecture interiors. As a class, we were sent to the Gore Place in Waltham, MA. The different shots we had to deliver were wide-angles, portraits and details. We could use strait exposures or HDRs. My best shots turned out to be a combination of the two. Below are some of my interiors.

Window at main staircase

Window view at main staircase in Gore Place

Main staircase at Gore Place in Waltham, MADetails of Mrs. Gore's Sitting Room

Studio Portraits

As a photographer, it’s all about your style. My style is generally bright, cheerful, and romantic. In studio portraiture, I can really take this to the extremes. In class we set up some bright seamless sets and worked on our studio portraiture.  I shot portraits of my classmates and friends, keeping things lighthearted and fun.

Collage of studio portraits

Collage of studio portraits

Annabelle playing with a tutu

My model in tutu and boots

In studio portraits

A mix of studio portraits

Cracker Jack

One of this weeks tasks was to shoot a bag of chips. I decided to go with a Cracker Jack bag. The problem with shooting these reflective bags is that light is reflected somewhere on the bag, no matter where it is placed. One technique to avoid this is to shoot the bag several times, moving the light from one side to the other. You then take those photos and blend them together in Photoshop while masking away any of the light reflections. With the camera on a tripod and the light at a relatively consistent distance from the product, the post on this was no hassle. 

Learning Photoshop

I am new to the Photoshop world. It is amazing all you can do to images to completely change them from how they came out of the camera. The first skill I am attempting to master is masking in several images into one. To practice this, I took several pictures of my friend Liz at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. In photoshop, I stacked the layers and masked her in. I know this is one of the easier of the many Photoshop tools, but I was impressed with myself all the same.