Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the Oasis is a classic car show held in Yuma, AZ every year in March. Car enthusiasts flock to the Southwest from miles around to show off their classic cars or simply view them all parked together on the many baseball fields of the Desert Sun Stadium. The event takes place over an entire weekend and includes a parade, concerts, and great food and crafts from local vendors. That is all in addition to the Show and Shine of over 800 cars and trucks made before 1972.

Midnight at the Oasis

My Photographs are in this weeks Country Weekly

In April, I was asked to photograph the band Parmalee at Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona. After a full day of following the band around the campsites and photographing them perform on stage, the band did an interview with Country Weekly Magazine. Several of my photos from the event were used in the article that came out in this weeks Country Weekly. Michelle Munoz Photographs from Country Thunder in Florence Arizona with Parmalee in Country Weekly

Brunch Shoot

For my friend Annabelle’s food blog Belle’s Best Bites, I went over for brunch and photographed the food prep. It was a delicious meal and the ingredients were fantastic to photograph as they were so bright and fresh. Plus, what brunch would be complete without a sparkling berry drink to go with the meal?

Refreshing Raspberry drink

Food Photographs of fresh vegetables and cheese

Fresh meats and vegetables in window

Studio Portraits

As a photographer, it’s all about your style. My style is generally bright, cheerful, and romantic. In studio portraiture, I can really take this to the extremes. In class we set up some bright seamless sets and worked on our studio portraiture.  I shot portraits of my classmates and friends, keeping things lighthearted and fun.

Collage of studio portraits

Collage of studio portraits

Annabelle playing with a tutu

My model in tutu and boots

In studio portraits

A mix of studio portraits

Desert Landscapes

On a trip back home to Tucson, I was able to take some desert landscapes of my backyard. Sunsets are amazing in Arizona every single night, but they are always unique. I also did a light painting of a saguaro one night with the full moon in the background.

Saguaro and moon

Saguaro and full moon

Colorful Desert Landscape

Tucson HDR landscape

Tucson Desert and Sunset

An HDR desert photograph

Arizona Sunset

A sunset with Saguaros

Desert Orange

A desert sky with oranges and blues

Food Shot

I am very interested in food photography. I love the attention to detail as well as the atmospheres that must be created around the dishes. We were asked to bring in food, arrange the dish, make a full set and light it. The key to food shots is shallow depth of field and lighting from behind. I brought in a dessert and arranged it on a white plate. After hanging a curtain, grabbing some branches from outside, and getting my set exactly how I wanted it, I came away with a photograph I am very happy with.

Transmissive Studio Shoot

Glass was another surface we were asked to shoot in the studio. As it is transmissive, there was a lot to learn about how to properly light it. This shot was lit from behind with a black card behind the blue wine glass. As there are some defects in the glass, the outline is not perfect, but I like the end result. I also shot a yellow glass on white background. I especially enjoyed lighting transmissive objects as the results with the correct lighting could be quite beautiful.

Reflective Studio Shoot

After texture, we were asked to shoot an abject that was reflective. For this, I brought in some jewelry and set up my set in the studio. The base is a brown tile. For lighting, there is only a single soft box light and scrim behind and above the set. Also a fill card was used to reflect light back into the front of the set. Here are the shots from that exercise.