Hair, Hair and more Hair

Last year, my cousins and I decided to recreate an old family photo. We discussed the many photos we would love to replicate, but decided as there were the four of us girls, we would redo our four Aunts’ glamour photo from 1992.Aunts Glamour Shoot

One weekend last month, my cousins Cassie and Jessica came to Tucson from Phoenix and I set up the set in our entryway. We all did our makeup and made our hair as large as possible. However, our hair was not large enough until my mom came at us with a comb and teased our hair to new heights. 2Big Hair


We decided who we each looked closest to and arranged ourselves into the appropriate positions. We had a lot of fun trying to perfect the smiles and expressions of our aunts in the older photo. After about one hundred photos, the very last turned out to be almost perfect in comparison. The bottom photo is the final photo we chose out of the camera.

Final PhotoAfter I took the photo into Photoshop, I was able to adjust the colors and clean up the photo to more resemble the older photograph. I ended up grabbing the boa from the original and placing it in our photo to better match the original. Other than the boa, everything else was captured in camera. After working on our photo and cleaning up the original a bit, the result was remarkably close.Old and New

We had originally planned to give the photos as Christmas gifts, but within days there was already a rumor going around the family that there was a surprise gift. We knew the secret would not remain much longer and decided to give the photographs as Easter presents. I printed both the original and replica photos and we framed them together. My sister wrapped the frames and we handed out the gifts. Our aunts opened the gifts at the same time and their reactions were priceless. They were so happy to see the remake and the original.Photo Presents Glamour redo Redo gifts




This past week I was asked to go to SXSW to photograph behind the scenes of the ROAR clothing fashion party. The party was Tuesday night at the Lustre Pearl in Austin. Headlining the party was the band Parmalee and DJ Irie. Also, there was a live photoshoot during the party with models wearing the ROAR label. The party was a huge success with a line to attend. I had a great time and met so many amazing people. The band Parmalee was especially entertaining and I was able to get several great photographs of their soundcheck and performance. Parmalee at SXSW Gary of Parmalee Roar fashion party at SXSW DJ Irie at Lustre Pearl Roar fashion and Parmalee Parmalee and Roar in Austin Parmalee soundcheck at Lustre Pearl SXSW and Parmalee